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Product Information: Alexalife - Advanced Wound Protection and Healing Solution for Animals

Are you looking for a cutting-edge solution to address common injuries in horses and other animals? Introducing Alexalife, the revolutionary wound protection and healing solution designed to meet the unique needs of your beloved pets.


Why Choose Alexalife?

Wounds are a frequent concern in animal care, and proper protection is essential. Alexalife stands out for several reasons:


1. Unique Design: Our adhesive protection features a perforated bulge that creates a healing environment with optimal airflow. Adequate oxygen supply is crucial for the natural healing process.


2. Challenging Areas: Wounds often occur in hard-to-reach areas, such as the legs, where suturation is difficult. Maintaining a sterile environment in stables can be challenging. In these situations, antibiotics are often necessary. Alexalife provides an opportunity for wounds to heal naturally.


3. Compatibility: Alexalife is compatible with other essential wound care products. While using the plaster, you can still treat the wound through the perforations with products like Photozo Vetcare and disinfect using Leucillin.


4. Remodeling Support: Wound healing isn't just about protection and treatment; it's also about the final stage of remodeling. During this stage, collagen fibers reorganize to gradually increase wound strength over up to two years. Alexalife, in combination with Photozo Vetcare, creates an environment conducive to a better and faster remodeling.


5. Easy Application and Removal: The material is flexible and easily conforms to the contours of your animal's body. This flexibility ensures secure placement, even on rounded areas like legs and joints. Removal is hassle-free, allowing you to monitor the wound's progress.


6. Stays in Place: We understand that keeping anything on furry animals can be a challenge. To ensure that Alexalife stays securely in place, we recommend using Kinesiology tape, Tensoplast, or similar stretchy tape.


Enhance Your Animal's Healing Journey with Alexalife

Proper wound care, treatment, and long-term healing are crucial for your animals' well-being. Alexalife offers comprehensive support at every stage of the healing process, ensuring a clean, safe, and oxygen-rich environment for wounds to heal naturally while allowing you to continue treatment and aiding in the remodeling process.


Alexalife - 4 Plasters per Bag, Available in Convenient 6-Pack Bundles!

AlexaLife Wound Protection 6 pack

SKU: 2207 60
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