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Leucillin 5 Liter Bulk Can. For professional use.

Should only be refilled original Leucilling bottles. Leucillin if correctly stored can be

used for up to two years from its date of manufacture.
Leucillin should be stored in a cool, dark place to maintain product stability.




Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare is specially formulated for the equine and pet care market, it provides a high strength healthcare solution you can rely on; this 100% safe, non-toxic, one-step topical pathogen control spray.

Leucillin - The Innovation, That Started a Revolution in Animal Health Care


Leucillin, the most powerful,non-toxic, non-irritant antiseptic available,


Pioneering UK Skincare Technology


Leucillin 5 Litre Bulk Can. 2 pack

SKU: EAN 0700461752134
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