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Photizo ®641/642
Professional therapeutic light unit with pre-programmed, unique and effective doses of near infrared and red LED light. The light is produced by high-intensity LED, a light that is known to be useful in, pain management, treatment of wounds and inflammatory conditions. This treatment device ensures that the correct and most effective amount of joules is delivered to the affected area in an accurate and easy way.

Photizo® professional has built-in treatment programs for some of the most common problems that have proven to have great utility and effectiveness of therapeutic phototherapy treatment. Carefully read the diagrams and treatment forms, showing which program to use.

Correct light strength probes ensure short and efficient turnarounds. Treatment should only be done once a day (once very 24 hours), while some pain treatments may benefit from twice a day (every 12 hours). Each unit is portable and rechargeable batteries.

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