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How to Become an  Authorized Reseller

Partner with Caball Therapy Systems (CTS) to get access to Photizo and Photonic Lights brand products at wholesale pricing!

Thank you for your interest in selling our products. It’s super easy to get setup and to start selling as a wholesaler in our Reseller Program.

Begin selling high quality light therapy products that you won't find on Alibaba, Amazon or Ebay.

Simply submit the form at the bottom of this page to get started. As a CTS Reseller, you will be provided with a wealth of marketing material, including images, product features, business in a box and SOME materials.
Several of our devices are FDA, and Medical-approved, which is an attractive incentive for consumers.



Resellers who have a Great Success Selling our Products:

Whether selling online, in your practice or in a shop, companies in the following industries love selling our beauty and medical devices for pain relief, injury healing, acne treatmentanti-aging, migraine and other applications.

  • Beauty – eCommerce, Retail, Spa Salons, Aestheticians, Makeup Artists

  • Health & Wellness – eCommerce, Retail, Dermatologists, Orthodontists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Spas, Salons, Other Medical Professionals

  • Sporting Goods / Athletic – eCommerce, Retail, Brick & Mortar Retail, Personal Trainers, Coaches

  • Equitherapist, Veterinarian and other Doctors



The advantages of being a reseller:
  • Wholesale pricing

  • Excellent margins

  • Dedicated representatives

  • Business in a box

  • Reseller platform for easy marketing & integration of Some.

  • Free Authorization Program

  • Educational opportunities

  • Unique top-of-the-range light therapy products.

  • A wide range of light therapy products for animals as well as humans.

Send in your application now- And start Helping & Earning!

Reseller Registration Form

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