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Pro Athletes and Sports Medicine Experts Use Red/NIR Light for Injury Rehab
National, international and Olympic athletes have for many years been frequent users of red and near-infrared treatment to prevent and treat injuries. Several professional trainers use photobiomodulaion in their preventive treatment and recovery of professional players and athletes acute injuries.

A Dutch Olympic gymnast uses Red and near-infrared Light every day to overcome injuries and strain: “Nothing has been as effective for back pain as using my light device. When I shine red and near-infrared light on my back for 10-15 minutes a day, I can clearly tell that my post-training recovery is faster and the pain is less noticeable… I’ve seen the same results for knee pain, ankle strains, and sore wrists.

Athletes of All Ages Return From Injury Faster with Light Therapy.
A major study of college athletes in 2016 showed that red light therapy treatments helped
players get back on the field significantly faster than those who didn't use red light.

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