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Photonic LIght's body PRO-Wrapping is brilliant as it gives the opportunity to treat the entire body in just few minutes, with over 2,000 medical LEDs.

PhotonicLight BodyPRO includes the benefits from both red and near-infrared wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm, as well as frequency therapy.

The 16 different programs allow you to tailor a treatment protocol based on the various needs, where you can choose between treating only with red, infrared or a combination of both types of light, and effective pulse mode.
Pulsed wave mode (PW) has been proven to be more efficient than continuous wave mode (CW) when PBM is used on many biological systems. PW-PBM also makes it possible for the light to penetrate deeper into a biological system than CW-PBM because it uses a higher peak power at the same time so that the total energy is kept stable. In addition, PW-PBM can promote photobiological reactions.

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