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This Pouch provides protection, easy transportation and effective use of the Vetcare device whilst on the move.

The pouch has several features for protection of the Photizo Vetcare device, such as:

• A clear plastic flap that folds over the lens, allowing the Photizo device to be used effectively, while still inside the pouch, delivering the same effective results without being interrupted by thick protective layers.

• Velcro fastening on the flap ensures the device is safe and secure at all times, making it easier to safely transport and protect the device during use.

• Elastic sides provide a secure fit for the device and make it quick and simple to slide the device in and out of the pouch.

• A charging hole solves the need to repeatedly remove the device for charging, instead allowing the user to charge the device whilst it is still in the pouch.

• The wrist strap on the back of the pouch keeps the Vetcare device secure, preventing the user from dropping and damaging the device.  Especially useful when applying on horses and large livestock if the device is being used as a height and the risk of unexpected movements which may cause the user to suddenly drop the device.

• The pouch is made from a strong canvas material specifically designed for high durability. This provides extra protection against scratches, dust and dirt.

10 pack Photizo Protective POUCH


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