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This kit contains 4 highPADs and our 2 very strong power banks, that gives you the opportunity to treat large areas on clients, or use it as a vest to treat important points on the back/neck and chest. Perfect set for them, treating clients with bypass surgery, lung, chest, neck and shoulder problems.
Or in general will add photons to larger parts of the body to reduce the oxidative stress in the body.

highPad 3 and highPad 4, are both modulated with frequency therapy for teh optimal combination of the light therapy and the frequency therapy, to get the an effective resonanse in the individual treated.

COMBO highPAD System

SKU: 2207 57
    • Technical information

      PhotonicLights highPAD 
      Size: highPAD 3 30x30cm
      Size: highPAD 4- 20x40cm
      4 different programs/ 16 protokols
      650 nm Red
      850 nm near Infrared

      160/160 Medical grade LED
      78-135 mW /cm2
      50,000 hours lifetime on led
      2 year warranty from date of purchase.
      CE approved

  • 2 x highPAD 3
    2 x highPAD 4
    2 x High power bank
    2 x elastic band 50 cm
    2 elastic band 100 cm
    2 x Cable usb c
    2 x Remote control
    Dust bag for transport and protection

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