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PHOTIZO 642- Physiotherapy Professional


Red and Near infrared therapy are proven to help clients and patients in many areas of Pain Relief and inflammation. If you want to ad a new trendy treatment into your clinic and also get a better monthly revenue, you can  perk up your practice, get your regular patients back in the door and put new patients on your schedule, then consider introducing NIR (near-infrared/ red light) therapy to your treatment menu.

NIR therapy offers a multitude of benefits that are worth serious consideration. In terms of cost, there is no better healing modality for dependable pain relief that can spark new life into your practice for a small investment, and allow you to rapidly see a return on your investment, than NIR therapy.

Adding NIR therapy will bring many benefits to your patients, your practice and your clinic’s bottom line. Near infrared therapy and PhotoBioModulation is a great contribution to chiropractic, physiotherapy, skin care, pain management, acupuncture and photo medicine. Because near infrared therapy is non-invasive, safe and painless, it pairs extremely well with all this practice.

Photizo ®642 therapeutic light unit with pre-programmed, unique and effective doses of near infrared and red LED light. The light is produced by high-intensity LED, a light that is known to be useful in, pain management, treatment of wounds and inflammatory conditions. This treatment device ensures that the correct and most effective amount of joules is delivered to the affected area in an accurate and easy way.

Photizo® professional has built-in treatment programs for some of the most common problems that have proven to have great utility and effectiveness of therapeutic phototherapy treatment. Carefully read the diagrams and  treatment forms, showing which program to use.

Correct light strength probes ensure short and efficient turnarounds. Treatment should only be done once a day (once very 24 hours), while some pain treatments may benefit from twice a day (every 12 hours). Each unit is portable and rechargeable batteries. 

Power Pack is optional and can be used in a simple and stylish hip bag. Power Pack gives you the opportunity to use the large strobe 1200mW without electrical wiring and power outlets. The light emitting probes is robust and the Photizo® Light Therapy device is designed to operate under the conditions in trauma units, districts and veterinary clinics. Portable battery pack: enables user to use the 1200mW probe away from mains power.

The Photizo® 642  comes with a 150mW small probe for treating small or difficult to access areas, while the optional high-power 1200mW probe provide you with a greater treatment surface for treating large areas. This allows you to treat a patient’s dorsal aspect within less than 10 minutes!


3 different treatment programs:

Any wound and/or surgical site. Some examples include: wounds, bite wounds, scratches, old diabetic and venous ulcers, chronic wounds, blisters, burn wounds, superficial bruising, insect stings and bites, otitis externa and contact dermatitis.

Non- Chronic Pain 
Acute pain, twisted joint, bruises, tendon injuries, fractures, sprain, cramps, overused muscles, golf elbow, tennis elbow, sport injuries and soft tissue injury.
Non-chronic or acute pain can happen on a daily basis in varying degrees. 

Chronic Pain Protokoll 
Lockouts - arthritis - joint pain / stiffness, back pain, neck pain, inflammation, swelling, lymph nodes and major blood vessels. Improve circulation to the area, Light therapy improves lymphatic drainage and induces a detoxification and immune-stimulatory effect.

Comes with both 1200mW and 150mW probes.



PHOTIZO 642- Physiotherapy Professional

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  • Wavelengths: 625nm red, 850nm near infrared
    Power Pen Probe: 150mW Power
    Main Probe: 1200mW
    Radiant energy: 2-8 Joule
    Peak output Pen Probe: 180mW / cm2
    Peak output Main Probe: 190mW / cm2
    Beam area Pen Probe: 1,2 cm close contact approach
    Beam area Main Probe: 16 cm close contact approach
    Beam area Pen Probe: 4-10 cm distant approach
    Beam area Main Probe: 30-50 cm distant approach
    Exposure time: 16-41 seconds
    Equipment class: Class II

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